Spiritual Direction

Your questions are worth finding answers to. Maybe you are questioning whether God exists. Maybe you’re trying to discern what to do next in life. Maybe you’re feeling discouraged and hopeless and wondering where God’s presence is in all of it. Spiritual Direction involves regularly meeting for guided conversations about the presence and work of God or the Divine in your life.

We’ll talk about your spiritual life, your prayer practices, your challenges or the places you may be “stuck” in your spiritual journey, and the ways you connect with God or the Divine to deepen your life of faith.

Spiritual Direction is for you if:

You are seeking spiritual and personal growth
You desire a safe context to explore your experiences of God
You want to deepen your prayer life with spiritual practices
You want to increase your connection to the Sacred each day
You are in a season/time of discernment or uncertainty in your life
You desire spiritual support during a major life transition
And more…


Frequently Asked Questions