Southern Women and Dishes

“The truth is, things matter. They have to. They’re what we live with and touch every day. They represent what we’ve seen, who we’ve loved, and where we hope to go next. They remind us of the good times and the rough patches, and everything in between that’s made us who we are.”

                                                                                                                –Nate Berkus, The Things That Matter 

When you come to my house for a holiday meal or a dinner party, you will likely greeted by a table that highlights my love of dishes. I do not do paper plates. Yes I am an environmentalist, but that is not the reason. I come from a long line of Southern women that believe in plates. We have plates for every season and just about every holiday. I am not just talking about Christmas and Thanksgiving. I grew up with my mother decorating our table in festive colors and themes for Easter, the Fourth of July, and even Valentine’s Day. My grandmother had an impressive collection of china and dishes appropriate for nearly any occasion. Her home was most often the place where we congregated for celebrations and family gatherings. Plates matter in my family.

I have no idea where the insanity originated. I fought the power of the South for many years, really I did. But, alas, the ladies of Texas won me over and I have now begun my own collection of plates. I really have no justification for the obsession. I admit that I have more plates than are necessary. But, when I heard Nate’s words in an interview, I realized why my dishes are important. My plates connect me to my mother, my grandmother, my godmother, and all the women in my family. Through the tradition of creating beautiful tables, I honor their legacy. My plates connect to me to a Southern tradition of many women who believed and still believe that bringing people together around a festive table has the power to enliven and heal the soul.

What are the “things” that connect you to your family? What do you surround yourself with that brings a smile to your face reminding you of the love someone has for you? While plates or centerpieces are accessories in life, they can be a spiritual tool to connect us to our family, our heritage. I do believe our family treasures and traditions can foster sacred connections in our hearts and homes. Here is to all the things that matter and to our mothers who teach us how to set our tables…

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Dining Room Details: | dining table and chairs: ZGallerie | christmas dishes: Mikasa, (similar) | chargers: ZGallerie | glasses: ZGallerie, (similar) | flatware: Horchow, (similar) | chandelier: ZGallerie, (similar) |art: LARart | calligraphy cards: Sweet Bee World | floral: Gypsy Blooms
Photography: Christine Wright