About Lauren

Hello and welcome! I am a native Houstonian whose family roots go way back to when trains still served as transportation for folks here in H-town! I left the South for a little while to go to school, but I found my way back because I missed the smiling faces down here in Texas. Apparently, I am a Southern girl after all…

I first fell in love with God in a small United Methodist church in Hempstead, Texas listening to the children’s sermons. Since that time my faith has taken many twists and turns. I have asked all types of hard questions, been to quite a few different kinds of churches, and I even nearly walked away from my faith during my junior year in college. I understand that faith is sometimes the only thing that keeps us going, and sometimes it is also the thing that just does not make any sense. My life and my relationship with God ultimately changed when I encountered my first spiritual director in seminary who helped me to realize that … no matter what … God would always love me. It sounds simple, but I think it is actually the hardest truth to accept in the whole world. And that is why I became a spiritual director, because I want YOU to know that God loves you … no matter what. I actually think that if we could all believe this truth our world would completely change. You might not believe me today and that is ok, but I hope you will come and talk to me about it, because that is why I am here.

My Sacred Spaces Journey

I fell in love with sacred spaces when I started going to church, but I began dabbling in interior design when I was eight years old. My first remodel was my own bedroom, which underwent a transformation complete with three layers of purple sponge paint, a closet turned makeup station, a matching duvet and pillow set (that was pretty exciting for an 8 year old), and all white furniture from Ikea! I would not have been able to tell you at the time why it was so important to me to design that space, but looking back I realize I needed my own sanctuary from the world. My parents had recently divorced, I had just moved to a new city, and I had started at a new school where I did not have any friends. I needed a place to call my own and to feel safe. I believe the spaces that we live in have power. They have the power to nurture and comfort our souls if we invest in them and intentionally create our own sacred spaces within their walls. As I have grown older, I have come to recognize principles of design that are important to me as I create my sacred spaces. I love clean lines, color, patterns, and symmetry. Some of my preferences in design have changed too as I have grown in age. Interestingly, there is much more joy reflected in my design now than when I was younger. You will see more pink, more polka dots, and more texture than in my teenage bedroom. Yes, I do love a good, well-placed Kate Spade lamp.

My sincere desire is to help you create sacred spaces in your life as both an experienced guide and a friend. I want to be there for you as you identify your own questions about God or how you want a room in your house to feel. I want to sit and enjoy a cup of tea with you, hear your story, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear as you tell me about your journey. From the deepest part of me, I believe that creating sacred spaces with you is a holy endeavor and a privilege. I truly can’t wait to meet you and be of service to you. So please take a look around the site, enjoy my blog, and schedule a consultation today so we can get started together creating wonderful sacred spaces in your life!

detailed credentials

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Lauren Santerre currently serves as a Spiritual Care Counselor for Silverado Hospice in the North Houston area. She has the privilege of caring for the spiritual needs of her clients and their families. Prior to Silverado Hospice, Lauren served as the Executive Director at Brigid’s Place in Houston, Texas. Brigid’s Place provides education, dialogue and celebrations that foster the spiritual and personal transformation of women. She believes in the power of women to change the world and make powerful contributions in their communities. Prior to Brigid’s Place, Lauren was the Director of Interfaith Relations at Interfaith Ministries for Greater HoustonIn her position, she promoted appreciation of religious diversity among Houston residents and worked to build relationships among people of different faith traditions. Lauren had the opportunity to work with thousands of Houston’s diverse citizens during her six year tenure at IM where she organized hundreds of in-home and on-site interfaith dinners, led women’s interfaith retreats, and launched Houston’s first Interfaith Youth Leadership Program, iLead.

Lauren earned her B.A. in Religion from The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO and completed her M.A. in Urban Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2008. Lauren recently finished her Masters of Spiritual Direction at Houston Graduate School of Theology in 2016. She is a member of Atascosita United Methodist Church in Northeast Houston. Lauren loves getting to know people, prayer in all its forms, sharing meals with loved ones, and being married to her amazing husband, Randy Saad! She also loves flourless chocolate cake, her backyard, and vacationing in the Bay Area.