Sacred Space Focus

Create Your Own Sacred Space: 5 Quick Tips

  “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” -Joseph Campbell Creating your own sacred space is a wonderful activity to start the new year. Maybe you already have a space, but it needs a little revamping? Or, perhaps you have just moved into a new home and you are excited to set up a special place for yourself in your new surroundings. Perhaps you have never had your own sacred space but you really want to try it! All of these scenarios are great reasons to create a sacred space in your home. Deciding to make a place in our home sacred is about our…


Lauren’s Houston Home

There is a great story about our home located in northeast Houston. I had purchased a home before I met my husband in Houston’s 3rd Ward neighborhood that I lovingly called, “The Gingerbread House.” It was a quaint bungalow built in 1945. While it was a sweet home, it was small, needed lots of repairs, and was in a pretty noisy neighborhood. When we got engaged, we decided to start looking for a new home that would be our home. While I never thought I would live in a suburb in Houston, my husband really wanted to live near big trees and in a new construction home. We visited our…